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Cash Flow Surge

We have repeatedly stressed that the key to success in business, and especially in a small business is cash flow. Cash flow is the vital ingredient that keeps a business running. Positive cash flow is more important than sales, more important than strategy, and even more important than profits. Admittedly sales, strategy and profits are also important, but many companies have gone to ruin with strong sales, strong strategy and even strong profits.

To aid in the thinking and the focus on cash flow, we suggest that you take a look at the recently published book Cash Flow Surge by Alastair Thomson. It is a book of 101 ideas for finding ways to squeeze extra cash flow out of any business. While not all of the ideas in the book will be applicable to all small businesses, many of them will at a minimum generate ideas for increasing the cash flow in yours. Furthermore, it is written in a practical conversational style that is a pleasure to read. We highly recommend it.


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