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Resilience and Adaptability

The small business manager needs resilience and adaptability more than anything. If business was formulaic, then we would all be tremendous successes. True – there are well known processes that have stood the test of time and that are rightly considered to be best practice. However, there is still much that is unknown. There are always new factors and challenges coming in to play. The future is always uncertain.

Resilience and adaptability may ultimately be the success factor for the small business – or any business for that matter. Numerous examples exist of dominant companies that basically ceased to exist or lost their relevance due to an inability to be resilient or to adapt; Nokia, Myspace, Netscape, Blackberry, to name just a few relatively recent examples.

Resilience and adaptability should ultimately be seen as the friend of the small business. Small businesses are uniquely able to capture economic benefits of being resilient and adaptable. Is your small business ready to capture those benefits

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